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Rachel Ginzberg Head of Amdocs M2M Amdocs
Rachel Ginzberg is heading the M2M unit in Amdocs. In this role, she leads the product build and go-to-market aspects. M2M is a strategic direction for Amdocs, and Ms Ginzberg is leading it based on her experience in developing similar strategic offerings for Amdocs. In her previous position as director of Product Management, Ms. Ginzberg led the vision strategy of Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog. This is the master catalog for the Amdocs CES portfolio and its open architecture enables interfacing with 3rd party business and operational support systems.
Ms. Ginzberg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Conference Day One

11:40 AM The critical role of IoT service providers

Take car makers for example: They own the end customer and are seen by the customer as responsible for the end to end service. But what happens when dozens of in-car services are provided by other companies? Who is responsible for providing the holistic experience? The car makers’ role as IoT service providers is becoming extremely challenging, but not only for them: similar complexity will increase in other IoT verticals.  In Amdocs we believe that this complexity opens the door for exciting opportunities for the IoT providers, and for communication service providers that have a proven experience in providing complex services ecosystem. Join us for this interesting discussion.

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