Conference Day One

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9:30 AM Welcome Address

Get your business cards ready for this dedicated ice-breaking session with your fellow delegates and potential future business partners! Take this opportunity to identify mutual interests and possible collaborations to make the most of your two days of networking.
• Identifying how to deliver value beyond connectivity
• Establishing how to invest in your M2M offering and when can you expect to see a return on investment
• Evaluating the potential opportunities for generating revenue in different market verticals
 - Automotive
 - Energy
 - Consumer electronics
 - Security and surveillance
 - Healthcare
 - Digital signage
 - Fleet management
• Determining how much and where to invest in the M2M market
 - In the short-term
 - In the medium-term
 - In the long-term
• Examining successful operator case studies from 2014
• Understanding the M2M value chain from the operator perspective
 - What is the current role of the operator?
 - What could the role of the operator be?
• Identifying the steps that need to be seen as a ‘bigger player’ in the M2M value chain
• Evaluating how to ensure your organisation has the right structure and skills in place to be able to offer more than just basic connectivity
• Examining how to gain a greater share of the value created by breaking free from wholesale-driven connectivity-centric M2M

11:40 AM The critical role of IoT service providers

Rachel Ginzberg , Head of Amdocs M2M, Amdocs

Take car makers for example: They own the end customer and are seen by the customer as responsible for the end to end service. But what happens when dozens of in-car services are provided by other companies? Who is responsible for providing the holistic experience? The car makers’ role as IoT service providers is becoming extremely challenging, but not only for them: similar complexity will increase in other IoT verticals.  In Amdocs we believe that this complexity opens the door for exciting opportunities for the IoT providers, and for communication service providers that have a proven experience in providing complex services ecosystem. Join us for this interesting discussion.

Rachel Ginzberg
Head of Amdocs M2M
• Where are the new opportunities for value-add within the M2M ecosystem?
 - Optimising the performance of basic connectivity
 - Moving into service enablement
 - Becoming a full service solution provider
• To what extent is the real value of M2M in the data that it generates?
• How can you dramatically increase the number of M2M subscriptions?
• How can you identify and create new applications for M2M?
• How can you provide real-time intelligence and M2M analytics to support end customers’ business decisions and drive revenue?
• Establishing how to develop an organisational structure that enables you to address emerging M2M verticals
 - What are the different business models you should use?
 - What’s the optimum number of verticals to work in?
 - Establishing how to maximise your market share within emerging M2M verticals
• Evaluating current and future trends and revenue opportunities for different M2M verticals
 - Automotive
 - Energy
 - Consumer electronics
 - Security and surveillance
 - Healthcare
 - Digital signage
 - Fleet management
• Examining which verticals will be the most profitable
 - How can you avoid investing in unprofitable verticals?
• Understanding why and how to adapt your business strategy depending on which verticals you invest in
• What are consumer expectations of embedded devices and how can you respond to and deliver on these?
• What does a typical business model for providing embedded consumer electronics look like?
• What has been holding back the adoption of embedded consumer electronics and how can we change this?
• How is the consumer electronics M2M market set to change over the coming months?
• Where is the growth for operators within this?
• Examining how to move from easy all-virtual business models to real-time and real-world changes
• Scrutinising two real-life examples
 - Infrastructure supervision and control
 - Water meters deep underground
• Assessing the impact on digital network requirements
• Exploring M2M connectivity capillarity networks and operators networks
• Understanding industry regulatory issues

This case study will showcase why and how Jaguar have partnered with a leading telecoms operator to provide embedded connectivity in their cars. Hear how they have enabled the owners of these vehicles to use their mobile phones to optimise the relationship they have with their vehicle.

• Understand why Jaguar decided to introduce M2M into their organisation
• Hear how jaguar chose which operator to partner with
• Learn of the biggest challenges Jaguar faced when and how they overcome these?
• Discover the technical solutions used to bring the connected fleet to market
• See the long-term impact on:
 - Consumers
 - The company itselfes

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