Conference Day Two

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M2M is growing rapidly in the Middle East and there is willingness by customers and consumers to expect and accept new ways of doing business.

Rapidly growing modern infrastructure is demanding the need for Smart Cities and Smart Homes and, with the region generally unaffected by global financial austerity, there is a real appetite to adopt M2M solutions for managed energy, transport, health, security and logistic

• Evaluating current business models for connected vehicles in Russia
• Discussing the status of Russia as part of the global automotive market
• Scrutinising the success to date of the ERA GLONASS project due to be launched in Russia in 2014
• Understanding what defines a Smart City
• Assessing the benefit to an operator of investing in Smart Cities
• Outlining the role operators typically play in developing Smart Cities
• Establishing how operators can go beyond basic connectivity in the development of Smart Cities
• Scrutinising examples of successful Smart Cities to date
• Examining how to successfully manage the volume of M2M data whilst maximising security
• Establishing what processes need to be put in place to optimise the security of M2M data
• Determining how to capture valuable data from M2M whilst ensuring optimal privacy and security
- How can you ensure that M2M data is not exploited in the ‘wrong’ way
• Evaluating how M2M can deliver real business value to your corporate customers
• Establishing how to develop an attractive M2M business case for these customers
• Identifying the different M2M service needs and expectations of your business customers
• Determining how to communicate the value of M2M to these customers
• Discussing why and how to develop different pricing models for different sized businesses
• Understanding the different needs of your end customers and developing a strategy for each
 - B2B
 - B2C
• Discussing how to achieve a change in mind-set in order to support and sell your M2M services
• Determining how to ensure cross-functional collaboration across the business
• Establishing how to price your M2M services in a way that drives adoption
 - How should pricing differ dependent on your customer segment and the vertical?
• Who owns the data generated by M2M?
• How can you identify and overcome the legal issues associated with capturing the data?
- What defines ‘fair use’ of data?
• How can you anticipate and overcome the challenge of end-users preventing you from fully exploiting M2M
generated data?
- How can you work with your end-user partner to capture and analyse M2M generated data?
• To what extent should you seek customers’ permission over the data you want to analyse?
- How can you exploit big data without damaging the trust you have built up with your customers?
- To what extent should you mine M2M generated data?
- What moral obligations do you have to ensure that certain data is not used

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